Commercial Plumbing Company TX Reveals Common Leaky Faucet Causes

Commercial Plumbing Longview TXAs a business owner, you have enough worries, and commercial plumbing in Longview, TX shouldn’t be one of them. One of the most common troubles that plague business owners are leaky faucets, whether they are slow drips or major problems that have caused flooding and damage. Either way, wasted water and the damage it can create can result in owners spending thousands of dollars. Leaky faucets are one of the plumbing problems that occur most often, and knowing why they happen may stop you from having to experience them yourself.

Leaky Faucets are Often Caused by Damaged Parts
The tiny drops of water escaping from your faucet may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is, those seemingly harmless drips can cost you significant amounts of money over time. One of the most common reasons for a leaky faucet is damaged parts. A steady drip is typically a sign of a worn out washer inside the tap. The seals inside are under a lot of pressure to keep the water in, and washers often become damaged as a result. With the help of commercial plumbing, you can likely have the drip resolved in no time.

Water Pressure Problems
Leaks that only occur during certain times of the day or when specific actions take place could indicate trouble with water pressure. Water pressure that is too high can prevent water from flowing away from a certain point, causing it to back up and leak out of another location, which is often a different faucet or overflow sink. A plumber may be able to resolve your pressure issues and stop leaks from occurring.

Worn Out Cartridge
Cartridge faucets feature handles that move up and down to turn the water on and off and left and right to control the temperature. These faucets will often leak when the cartridges inside of them become worn out. Fortunately, a company that provides help with commercial plumbing can replace the cartridge, which may stop the leak.

Broken Plumbing
Although not very common, broken pipes can sometimes cause leaky faucets. Pipes can develop cracks causing water to leak out into the area under the sink. However, if the crack causes problems with water pressure, the faucet connected to the break can leak. A plumber can inspect the pipes and replace or repair the affected parts.

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