Easy Water Leak Detection in Longview, TX That Won’t Cost You a Thing

Water Leak Detection Longview TXIf you see water stains on your ceiling or wall, standing water or a dripping pipe, you may have a water leak. There are easy ways that you can detect a water leak in your home. Doing so can save you some money when the plumber comes to fix the leak.

One way to check for a leak is to turn off all the water in the house, then go to the water meter to see if the usage indicator is moving, which will indicate a leak.

Another affordable leak detection solution is to take note of the water meter after turning off all the water, wait a couple of hours, then check the meter again. If the numbers on the meter have risen, you likely have a water leak somewhere.

Call Bird Dog Plumbing for all your water leak detection in Longview, TX needs.

Water Leak Detection Longview TX
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