How to Find a Hidden Water Leak Inside A Wall

Hidden water leak Longview Tx

Water damage in your home is one of the most expensive repairs that a homeowner can tackle. The repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars, and the scary part is, you might not even know there is damage until it is too late! Causes of the issue like floods, sewage backup, or burst pipes are apparent to the naked eye, but others are harder to see until they have already caused a significant amount of damage. The most common culprit that Bird Dog Plumbing sees in Longview, Texas, is, by far, a hidden water leak inside the walls.

Water Leaks Inside Walls

There are a few things that cause water leaks inside your walls:

  • Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of leaks inside of walls. These generally occur within exterior walls, during the wintertime. Remember to drip your faucets when it is below freezing!
  • The older the pipes are, the more susceptible pipes become to damage. On top of that, houses that are at least 50 or 60 years old generally do not have pipes that are made from a durable material like modern dwellings do. If you are in a home that is more than 20 years old, make sure you keep an eye on your plumbing system and consider getting the house repiped.
  • Weak plumbing is much more susceptible to leaks. If the plumbing system is not installed correctly or made up of inferior parts, the weight of the house makes it much more vulnerable to damage. Over time, all that weight will cause the pipes to crumble.

No matter the cause, it is VITAL that you know how to spot the signs early. The longer the pipes leaks, the more money you will be forced to spend on repairs. Over time, the leaks rot the studs in the wall. Rotting studs cause structural damage to your home, on top of the water damage to the flooring, insulation, and walls.

Signs of Damage

Spotting the signs of damage sooner rather than later makes the difference between $1000 in repairs and $10,000 in repairs. Even though the leaks happen inside the walls, the issues are evident relatively quickly if you know where to look.

  • Staining – Stains on your sheetrock or drywall are a tell-tale sign that there is a leak. Stains that continue to grow are a pretty good indication that there is a leak in that wall.
  • Mold – Typically, mold grows in places with extra moisture. So, if you see mold on your walls, ceilings, or baseboards, it is safe to assume there is water where there should not be water. Mold is a severe problem and can be a health hazard, so if you see it, make sure you find what is causing it ASAP.
  • Odor – When materials like wood, sheetrock, or drywall absorb water, they give off a musty odor. If you walk by a wall and smell something bad, make sure you investigate. Water absorbing on the studs in the wall will cause SERIOUS structural damage. Eventually, the boards will completely rot and break.
  • Warped walls or floors – Water in sheetrock will damage it over time, and give it a warped appearance. The same goes for floors. If you notice the floorboards near your walls appear bent or bubbled, check the walls for leaks immediately.

Finding Hidden Water Leaks

So, you came across a part of your wall that looks like it has some water damage, now what? The next step is locating the leak.

  • Turn off all the water in your house.
  • Check your water meter and see how much you have been using.
  • Leave the water off for about 3 hours.
  • Recheck the meter. If water usage has gone up, then there is a hidden water leak.
  • The next step is critical. If you have a water leak, call us in!

Bird Dog Plumbing has been Longview, TX’s premier plumbers for over 13 years. If you suspect there is a hidden water leak, we guarantee we will find it. When we do, we will fix it. Our Expert team of Longview, TX plumbers, will not only replace the pipe but even repipe your home if necessary. For more information on who we are or our services, please visit our website or contact Bird Dog Plumbing today!