Do You Need to Repair a Toilet That’s Constantly Running?

Repair Toilet Longview TXA few different issues can cause a running toilet, most of which require only simple repairs:

  1. Worn-out or broken flapper. A flapper that’s worn from use or mineral deposits allows water to leak from the tank into the toilet, causing the running.
  2. Water may be too high. When the water is too high, it will go into the overflow tube and cause the toilet to run constantly. Lower the tank level.
  3. The refill tube is out of whack. If the refill tube is too long or out of position, it can cause the toilet to run.

If you continue to have issues with a running toilet or need professional help with any of these fixes, Bird Dog Plumbing is here to repair your toilet in Longview TX. Call 903-225-2272.

Repair Toilet Longview TX
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