Plumber Longview TX Offers Eco-Friendly Fixtures for your Home

Plumber Longview TXConserving energy and water has become a popular trend in green living, so your plumber Longview TX is probably now offering eco-friendly fixtures for homeowners who want to protect the environment. From reducing your home’s total energy usage to conserving water waste, many options are available for your home. Here are some of the benefits of updating your home with eco-friendly plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom:

Plumber Longview TX:  Tankless Water Heater
Necessary for heating water for bathing, showering, and cleaning laundry and dishes, your home’s water heater is an imperative appliance in the home. Unfortunately, traditional water heaters waste a great deal of energy by offering a continuous flow of hot water. Since this continuous flow of hot water is not necessary for most households, installing a tankless water heater can conserve energy while reducing your monthly energy costs. Your plumber can install a tankless water heater in your home that only uses energy to heat the water when absolutely necessary. Although the initial expense may be higher compared to a traditional water heater, tankless units are a worthwhile investment for energy conservation and home value.

Plumbers Longview TX:  Low Flush Toilets
Your standard toilets probably use more water than necessary to flush away waste. This not only affects the environment, but also increases water bill costs. Consider installing low flow toilets in each bathroom of your home to save up to 20 percent of water without affecting the quality of your toilet’s flush. Of course, you may wonder how these innovative models work. Each make and model of low flush toilets works differently. However, gravity or a specialized vacuuming system will remove the waste from the toilet after flushing. The use of gravity or a vacuum offers an effective flush without using an excessive amount of water.

Plumbing Longview TX:  Low Flow Faucets and Shower heads
Professional plumbers can also replace your outdated faucets and shower heads with modern, attractive, and eco-friendly models. Utilizing a new, modern low flow faucets and shower heads in your kitchen and bathrooms will reduce the amount of water flow while improving the look of the space. When choosing your new low flow faucets and shower heads, make sure to select models that have the WaterSense label for the most water conservation and value.

Improving your household’s energy and water conservation is easier than ever now. For more information, contact the professional plumbers Longview TX at Bird Dog Plumbing today at 903-225-2272.

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