Plumber Longview TX: What’s Wrong with your Hot Water Heater?

Plumber Longview TXThe hot water heater is an essential part of your home plumbing system. If you suspect that something is wrong with it, you might want to contact a plumber Longview TX to look at it. You never know if the problem you have is a common and easily fixed problem or one of the more rare and severe problems, without the help of an expert. Here are a few of the most common problems with a hot water heater, and what you can do if yours starts to show signs of having one of them:

1. No hot water or not enough

The primary job of your hot water heater is to ensure you have constant access to water in the temperature you need. From cooking to bathing, hot water is a valued commodity in the modern home. When your’s fails to produce any hot water, or consistently fails to provide it in adequate quantities, it could be the sign of a bad pilot light or thermostat. If your heater is not providing adequate heat, you might want to call a plumber Longview TX to check for one of the common causes.

2. Leaking

While the occasional drip can be dismissed as being due to condensation, if you find large puddles consistently around the base of your heater or the pipes, you might want to be concerned. Leaks can happen for a number of reasons and in a number of places. If you cannot spy any obvious sources of the leak, you might want to contact a plumber Longview TX to look at your heater to spot it. Leaks can be dangerous, causing everything from mold to a flood. If you suspect that your heater is leaking, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

3. Water has odd color or smell

This problem is so common it has practically become shorthand comedy to indicate an old or primitive plumbing system. However it can happen in even the most modern homes. Bacteria in your tank can sometimes cause a foul odor, and the color of the water can change when rust contaminates it. If your water changes in such a way, it might need to be flushed out.

Do not ignore possible problems with your hot water heater. If you suspect that your heater has succumbed to one of the problems outlined above, or it is in anyway not performing as it should, call a professional plumber Longview TX like Bird Dog Plumbing at 903-225-2272.

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