Plumbers In Longview, TX: 4 Signs Of A Plumbing Problem

Plumbers Longview TXAs plumbers in Longview, TX, we know how much easier life is with modern plumbing systems.  In fact anyone who’s ever had to use an outhouse (yes, they still exist) or a porta-potty appreciates what a miracle of modern engineering a toilet flush handle is.  But just because we don’t have to haul water into our homes in buckets from a well that’s half a mile away doesn’t mean that the convenient plumbing systems we have are infallible.

Once again, as plumbers in Longview, TX, we see every day know how plumbing can break down and while those breakdowns are job security for us, they don’t have to be catastrophic problems for you if you pay attention to your plumbing.  Small issues can lead to bigger ones so if you watch for these signs of an early plumbing problem, you’ll save yourself time and money down the line:

1 – Higher-Than-Average Water Bills
Everyone knows that leaks aren’t good but unless they’re standing in six inches of water, most people are happy to ignore them for as long as possible – until their water bills start to climb.  If you’ve noticed that your water bills have risen steadily, you should check in and around your home for water leaks.  Check under sinks, behind the refrigerator (if it has an icemaker), behind the washing machine and under outdoor spigots.  Also look for water stains on ceilings and at the base of your walls.

2 – The Sound Of Running Water
If you know you don’t have any open faucets or that you’re not doing laundry but you still hear the sound of running water, you could have a problem.  In addition to higher water bills, this is also an indication that there’s a leak somewhere in your system.  If you can actually hear water running, there’s a good chance your leak is worse than just a few drops of water from a faucet.  Call a plumber right away before extensive damage is done to your home. 

3 – Slow Drains
Hair and food clogs can cause drains to occasionally run slowly; but persistently slow drains throughout your home could be a sign that you have a clogged pipe somewhere that is stopping water and waste from flowing away from your home.  There are a number of reasons that this could be happening – from corroded, older pipes to tree roots compromising a main line – but whatever the reason, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber to diagnose and solve the problem.

4 – A Musty Smell
Even if you can’t see the signs of leaks behind wallboards or under your carpeting, you may smell them.  If you have a chronic water leak, especially a small one, that doesn’t leave visible puddles, it can lead to mold growth.  If there is a dank, musty smell in any of the rooms of your home, call a plumber quickly because mold can be harmful to your health and can require expensive mold remediation and removal.

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