Plumbers in Longview, TX Offer Eco-Friendly Fixtures for Your New Home

Plumbers Longview TXBuilding or moving into a new home can be overwhelming, but plumbers in Longview, TX can make the process a little easier by installing new eco-friendly fixtures. Considering the various plumbing needs in your home, installing appealing, valuable, and environmentally friendly fixtures is a great investment. Of course, you may not know where to begin when choosing bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Using professional contractors and these eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, will help your new home be conservative, valuable, and attractive.

Low Flow Faucets
To enhance the look and feel of your bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and showers, consider purchasing low-flow faucets. Not only will you enjoy the look and value of new fixtures in varying styles and designs, but you will also experience a reduction in your water usage.

Low-flow faucets reduce the water used while brushing your teeth, shaving, showering, and even washing dishes by limiting the amount of flow. This water conservation is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can also reduce your monthly water bills.

Low Flow Toilets
Toilets use a great deal of your home’s total water usage. In many cases, this usage accounts for an estimated 30 percent of the home’s indoor water consumption. While flushing is necessary, you can reduce the amount of water used by installing low flow toilets.

Plumbers in Longview, TX can remove your existing toilets and replace them with eco-friendly units, which use a great deal less water with each flush without decreasing the toilet’s function and performance.

Replacing your older toilets with low-flow models will decrease your home’s water usage, protecting the environment and reducing monthly water bills. For many homeowners, this accounts for a $110 savings each year.

Tankless Water Heater
Your home will most likely have a working water heater, which is required for heating water to bathe, wash dishes, and do your laundry. Unfortunately, traditional water heaters use a constant supply of energy to heat the water, even when it is not actually in use. This waste of energy not only affects the environment, but it also increases your monthly energy bills for no good reason.

A tankless water heater only uses energy to heat water when absolutely necessary. This is a great option if you hope to conserve energy and its associated costs. A tankless water heater also ensures your household never runs out of hot water. This is a smart investment for living an affordable, eco-friendly lifestyle. It can also benefit larger families who need more hot water to shower, bathe, and wash dishes or laundry.

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If you are considering replacing fixtures in your new house, contact Bird Dog Plumbing at 903-225-2272 for eco-friendly options. These superior plumbers in Longview, TX are the only plumbing company that offers weekend service without charging an extra fee.

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