Plumbers Longview TX: 3 Reasons You Might Develop A Sewer Backup

Plumbers Longview TXThere are many kinds of clogs you can experience in your home’s plumbing system like toilet clogs, bathtub drain clogs and sink drain clogs.  But the worst kinds of clogs that plumbers in Longview TX encounter are sewer line clogs.  Your home’s sewer line carries wastewater from your home to underground sewer mains so when you have a clog, you can have raw sewage – yes, THAT kind of raw sewage – backing up into your home.  So, what are the most common causes of sewer line backups?

1 – Clogs

If you use your toilet as a trash can, you could potentially cause a sewer backup.  Putting baby wipes, diapers, facial tissues and other non-flushable items down your toilet is asking for trouble as these items can quickly clog the lines that are supposed to carry away everything you flush.  When you use your garbage disposal, putting food items into it that it can’t efficiently handle can contribute to a clog.  Items like potato peels, pasta and rice are some of the items you should put in the trash instead of down the drain.  You should also beware of grease and oil, which can harden in your drains, creating a greasy ball that will combine with other food debris to create an immovable clog.

2 – Tree Roots

Tree roots not only damage foundations and sidewalks, they also damage sewer lines.  Trees need water and their roots can and will penetrate your sewer line looking for water.  Not only can the roots themselves clog the lines, the dirt that penetrates with the roots can clog them.  Tree roots can also wrap around sewer lines and crush them.

3 – Cracked or Collapsed Sewer Lines

Plumbers in Longview TX will tell you that if your home is older, you stand a much higher chance of experiencing a sewer backup.  Though the PVC or plastic pipes that make up today’s plumbing systems can still be cracked or damaged, they are much less vulnerable than the cast iron and clay piping that make up the plumbing of older homes.  These types of pipes break down over time, leaving them weak and easily compromisable.

What are the warning signs that you’re developing a sewer line clog and a potential backup?  Look for sinks that won’t drain and toilets that won’t flush, even after plunging.  Also, listen for gurgling sounds coming from drains, especially after you’ve used an appliance that uses water, like your washing machine.  If you think you might have a problem, call us at Bird Dog Plumbing at (903) 225-2272.  We are the best plumbers in Longview TX and we can handle your sewer line problem – and we don’t charge extra for Saturday work.  Visit us online at to learn more.

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