Plumbers Longview TX: 4 Reasons You Need A Plumber For Your Remodel

Plumbers Longview TXHave you got remodeling on your mind?  If your East Texas remodeling project includes a kitchen or a bathroom, then you need the help of one of the best plumbers in Longview TX, Bird Dog Plumbing.  At Bird Dog Plumbing, we know that right now everyone seems to have remodeling fever – mostly because so many reality shows make it look super easy.  Want the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams?  All you need is one weekend and a couple of instructional videos on YouTube, right?  Wrong.  Remodeling is hard and requires levels of skill that most homeowners simply don’t have, especially when it comes to electrical and plumbing.  So how can licensed, experienced plumbers in Longview TX help you avoid serious problems?  Here are a few ways:

1 – Professional plumbers can ensure that all the necessary city and county permits are obtained for a remodeling job.  Homeowners often don’t realize that they have to get permits for certain types of remodeling projects.  These permits are essentially written approval by a municipality that the work being done meets accepted safety standards or codes.  If you try to do your remodeling on your own without permits, you could be in trouble when it comes time to sell your home.  If obvious renovation work has been done and no permits were obtained, a buyer’s lender will likely not approve their loan, leaving you with a home you can’t sell.   

2 – If your remodeling project involves something more than just changing out fixtures – like completely changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, then plumbers in Longview TX can relocate pipes so that all of the right connections are where they need to be for installing toilets, sinks, refrigerators, etc.  These changes may even include the removal or rerouting of gas lines, which can be dangerous for someone untrained in the handling of gas fixtures.  

3 – Homes built before 1986 often have lead pipes as part of the plumbing system.  Drinking water from lead pipes is hazardous to the health of everyone living in your home and is especially bad for infants and children who can experience severe physical and mental development problems from exposure to lead.  A professional plumber can safely remove lead pipes and replace them with copper pipes.

4 – When you try to do plumbing work yourself, the finished project can look good on the surface – and it may even function properly – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an accident waiting to happen under the cabinets or behind the walls.  You could end up with a flood that soaks your walls, furniture and carpeting with water.  Not only will a professional plumber do the job right, he’ll also guarantee his work so that if something does go wrong, it can be fixed without costing you more money.

Are you thinking of remodeling?  Don’t forget to enlist the help of electricians and plumbers in Longview TX.  For the best plumbing help, call us at Bird Dog Plumbing at (903) 225-2272.  You can also visit us online at to find out about the services we offer.  And remember that we work on Saturdays, too, at no extra charge.

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