Plumbers Longview TX: Tips to Keep Your Pipes Intact this Winter

Plumbers Longview TXWinter is a tough time for your plumbing, as reputable plumbers in Longview TX will tell. Texas is prone to having sudden cold snaps and quick thaws that can cause any number of problems in the average household. Where plumbing is concerned, these problems can include pipe and faucet damage, broken radiators, and the occasional flood. Here are a few tips on how to keep your plumbing from becoming a bigger problem than it needs to be in the wintertime.

1.  Get jackets for your outdoor faucets

The basic rule in winter time is to take your hoses off of your external faucets and let them drain. This will prevent any ice from building up and damaging either your hoses or the internal plumbing. Another thing that most plumbers in Longview TX recommend is to get small coverings, or jackets, for the faucets themselves. This will keep the faucets themselves from freezing. They should be used in conjunction with shut-off valves to keep the faucets from dripping.

2.  Circulate warm air through your house

Since some parts of your plumbing are kept within low spaces in your house, such as the cabinets under your sink, it can be extra important to make sure that the warmth your heater puts into your house can get to your plumbing. Hot air rises, so if you suspect that the places under your sink are not properly insulated, you should make an effort to circulate air through the cabinets by keeping the doors open and possibly using fans to get the warm air moving.

3.  Get your annual inspection

Prevention is the best medicine, as they say. So getting your plumbing inspected for damage or weaknesses on a yearly basis can go a long way towards keeping wintertime malfunctions from happening in the first place. If you can, schedule an inspection in late fall, before any extreme cold snaps take place. This will make it more likely for your plumbers in Longview TX to catch problems before they become serious.

When you need help getting your plumbing ready for the coming winter, you should be sure to get help from reliable plumbing companyin order to minimize any and all problems that might arise. When problems do arise, you need professional help in dealing with them as soon as possible. When you need plumbing advice, call Bird Dog Plumbing as your resource for plumbers in Longview TX at 903-225-2272. NO EXTRA CHARGE ON SATURDAYS.

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