Plumbers In Longview, TX: The Top 5 Reasons To Call A Plumber

Plumbers Longview TXPlumbers In Longview, TX know that there a few systems in your home that can break down and wreak havoc with your daily life but none is more frustrating than a plumbing system breakdown.  The plumbing system in any home can be a headache even for professional plumbers who have to figure out what the hisses, rattles, leaks and clogs mean because plumbing issues are rarely straightforward.  Our homes have pipes that run through all the walls and some of the floors and attics.  There are faucets, sinks, drains, dishwashers, clothes washers and water heaters that require hoses or pipes to either flow to them or away from them.  That’s why plumbing is so hard for us to tackle ourselves and why most of us have one or two plumbers in Longview, TX on speed-dial.  Sure, you can plunge a toilet once in a while but for most of these jobs, you need help:

1.  Leaking pipes, toilets and faucets.  Any puddle on the floor that can’t be blamed on your dog is a reason to call a plumber.  Plumbing leaks can happen behind your walls, leaving water running out from under the baseboards.  They can happen under sinks, soaking the insides of bathroom or kitchen cabinets.  They can happen around the base of a toilet or under the pipes behind it.  An experienced plumber with the right equipment can locate the origin of a leak and fix it quickly before damage is done to the structure of the house.

2.  Malfunctioning dishwashers and garbage disposals.  Two words – water and electricity – are the reasons you should call a licensed plumber.  Plumbers in Longview, TX install and repair many different brands and types of disposals and dishwashers regularly so they know what has to be done to make sure that any leaks or malfunctions you have are repaired.

3.  Running or rattling toilets.  Plumbers with knowledge and experience can quickly tell you why your toilet is running or why it makes a hammering or rattling sound when you flush.  Toilet problems are probably the number one reason plumbers are called by homeowners, so they’re very familiar with every kind of problem that can happen with your toilet.

4.  No hot water.  No hot water in your home means your water heater isn’t working properly and because you’re dealing with either electricity or natural gas, you need someone with water heater repair experience.  In addition, a plumber will have all the tools necessary to drain your water heater and he will likely have the parts he needs with him to fix your water heater.  If your water heater is beyond repair, he can install a new one.

5.  Clogged drains.  Not every drain responds to a good plunging.  Some drains require professional attention to unclog – that’s where a plumber comes in.  Not only can he unclog your drain, he can make recommendations about what should and shouldn’t be put into bathroom and kitchen drains so that you have fewer clogs in the future.
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