Plumbers Longview TX: Troubleshoot Your Gas Water Heater

plumbers longview txWhen your gas water heater stops working the way it’s supposed to, you can be left with a dishwasher full of dirty dishes, a clothes washer full of unwashed laundry and and cold showers for everyone in your family.  Even though gas water heaters are fairly simple devices, there are still many things that can go wrong with them that will require plumbers Longview TX. Before you call for help, check out this quick troubleshooting guide for some of the more common gas water heater problems:

Not enough hot water.  Your gas pressure might be low.  Contact your gas company to find out if this is an issue.  Your thermostat might be set too low, which would require turning up the heat.  You might have sediment build-up in your tank or your water heater may be too small.  Both of these require the services of a professional who can drain your tank or figure out the correct size water heater you need based on your usage.

Pressure relief valve is leaking.  The pressure inside your water heater may be too high, which means your pressure relief valve is doing its job by releasing water.  However, you should consult plumbers Longview TX to find out why the pressure is building up inside your tank.

Water tank is leaking.  A leaking water tank means your water heater should be replaced.  Leaking tanks are not cost-effective to repair.

Water smells like rotten eggs.  There are bacteria that can sometimes live in your water that react with the metal of your sacrificial anode (the anode that attracts corrosives that can rust your water heater tank) to produce hydrogen sulfide gas.  This gas makes the rotten egg smell.  Ask your repairman to replace your anode with one that is made of aluminum and zinc, which should take care of the problem.

Pilot light won’t come on or stay on.  You may be getting too little gas to keep the pilot light lit.  Or you may not be getting any gas.  This is a problem for your local gas company to solve.  You might have air or dirt in your gas line or a clogged orifice.  This will require a water heater technician to bleed the line in case of air, install a dirt trap in the case of dirt or locate the clog and remove it.  The problem can also be a loose thermocouple or a problem with the thermostat ECO switch.  Both of these also require the services of a professional.

Very few gas water heater fixes are do-it-yourself.  Like most large appliances in your home, they can be dangerous for an untrained person to try to service.  If you live in the Longview area and find yourself with a gas water heater problem, call the best plumbers Longview TX, Bird Dog Plumbing.  Visit our website at for more information then call us at 903-225-2272.  At Bird Dog Plumbing, we are open for service on the weekends and there is NO EXTRA CHARGE ON SATURDAYS.



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