Signs Your Sewer Line is Clogged

Sewer line clog Longview, TXThe main sewer line is a crucial part of any home plumbing system. All of the home’s wastewater exits through the main sewer line, so it’s vitally important that it functions well.  Understanding how to avoid a clogged main sewer line and resolve an issue if it occurs can prevent unwanted damage and expensive out-of-pocket repairs.

A clogged main sewer line is usually triggered by tree root infiltration, flushing the debris down the toilet or pouring grease down the drain. Avoid treating your toilet like a trash can at all costs, paying attention to what enters into the main sewage system.

If there is a serious issue associated with the main sewer line in your home you will notice: 

Multiple Drains are backed up. 
One of the most evident signs of a clogged mainline is backups in other smaller fixtures within the home. A home sewage system is like a tree, with multiple branches or lines feeding into the main trunk. When a clog occurs in the main trunk, the water draining from smaller lines has nowhere to go but back up.

Water Overflows into different plumbing fixtures. 
In the event of a main sewer line clog, water will begin to backup and surface in other plumbing fixtures in the home. All of the excess water moves to the lowest point in the home, so to catch the issue before it poses a serious problem, regularly check the drains in the basement and lower floors for irregularities. If you’re unsure of a real issue, try flushing the toilet or using the bathroom sink, paying close attention to any potential rise in the water level, bubbles, or gurgling noises.

Drainage in sewer clean out. 
The sewer clean out is marked by a circular plastic or concrete lid labeled clean out. Once you find the cap open it up and verify the status of the water flow. If the water is standing still, it most likely means you have a main sewer line clog. If you’ve determined that you have a threatening main sewer line clog, turn off your main water valve which is usually located in a basement crawlspace, close to the water heater or in the garage.

The next step should be to contact a plumbing professional to clean the clog main line and resolve the issue as soon as possible. For the best and most effective plumbing services in Longview, TX connect with a Bird Dog Plumbing expert at 903-225-2272 or Don’t let a main line sewer clog weigh you down. Get in touch with a Bird Dog Plumbing professional today.