Water Heater Repair Longview TX: What Makes Your Gas Water Heater Tick?

water heater repair Longview TXEver wonder how your gas water heater works so efficiently to deliver hot water to your whole house?  Probably not.  Like most major appliances in your home, you just cross your fingers and hope it keeps working the way it’s supposed to for a very long time.  But when something does go wrong and you call us at Bird Dog Plumbing water heater repair Longview TX, it’s always good to know at least the basic parts of your unit and how they function so that you can understand why you need the repairs we recommend.

— How it works.   A gas water heater uses convection to heat your water.  Cold water goes into the tank and is heated by burners located at the bottom of the tank.  The hot water then rises to the top of the tank where it is siphoned off and transported throughout your home.  As the hot water is siphoned off, more cold water is pumped into the tank and the heating process continues.

— The water supply.    No matter where your home’s water comes from, the same supply lines that carry it to the rest of your home carry it to your water heater.  A special valve controls the water supply and allows you to turn the water off if necessary.

— The water tank.   The water tank consists of a steel outer jacket and a steel inner tank.  The inside of the tank is coated with ceramic to withstand the corrosive effects of hot water.  Insulation is placed between the outer jacket and the inner tank to protect the homeowner to keep heat in the tank.  On the inside of the inner tank is an anode rod that is sometimes called the sacrificial anode because it is made of a special metal that attracts corrosives to itself to prevent them from attaching to the tank.

— The gas burner.   The gas burner is situated at the bottom of the tank and is fed by a gas supply line.  The burner is activated by turning on the pilot light, which ignites the gas and allows it to start heating the cold water.  The gas is controlled by a module that controls not only the temperature of the water but the pilot light as well.

— The exhaust flue.   This might be the most important part of your gas water heater at least as far as safety is concerned.  As gases burn in your tank, they create byproduct gases that are extremely toxic.  The exhaust flue (along with the draft hood) carries these gases from the burner to the outside of your home.

— The temperature- and pressure-relief valve.   The t&p valve is the safety device that keeps the pressure in the water tank from building to the point of bursting.  If the water inside the tank reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit, the valve activates and releases water.  Our water heater repair Longview TX technician will tell you that this valve must never be altered, blocked or tampered with.

— The drain valve.   The drain valve is a child-resistant valve near the bottom of the tank that allows for draining the water tank when maintenance is required.

Know the basics about your gas water heater and then call for the best water heater repair Longview TX service from Bird Dog Plumbing today at 903-225-2272.  At Bird Dog Plumbing, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE ON SATURDAYS.

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