Water heater Repair Longview TX Offers Tankless Replacements

Water Heater Repair Longview TXFrom replacing loose roofing shingles to a water heater repair in Longview TX, there are an overwhelming number of tasks necessary to clean and maintain your home. These tasks are essential for your home’s appeal, function, and value, but you may not be placing enough emphasis on your plumbing. Considering the average lifespan of a traditional water heater is about 10 years, you may need a complete replacement. Fortunately, replacing with a tankless model offers numerous benefits.

Energy Efficiency
A standard model water heater uses energy continuously, whether you are using hot water or not, but a tankless model only uses energy when it is necessary. This reduces your home’s total energy usage, benefiting the environment and reducing your monthly energy bills.

In homes with 4 or more people, tankless water heaters can save an estimated $95 per year. This may not seem like a large savings, but it can really add up over time.

Hot Water
Washing dishes, doing laundry, bathing, and showering all require a supply of hot water. Unfortunately, homes with traditional water heaters will most likely run out of this hot water. While common, the lack of hot water can be a problem in homes with larger families.

To reduce this problem, water heater repair in Longview TX can replace a standard model with a tankless unit, increasing your supply of hot water. This benefit may seem surprising considering the reduction in energy, but tankless water heaters ensure you and your family never run out of hot water.

Smaller Size
Standard water heaters are large, bulky appliances that may take up a portion of a closet or garage. A new tankless water heater is smaller and thinner. Contractors can mount your tankless model to a small section of a wall, increasing your storage space.

As a homeowner, you do not want to continue investing money in water heaters. Thankfully, a tankless water heater has a longer lifespan compared to the standard models. In most cases, tankless units will last twice as long as a standard unit.

Home Value
Millions of homeowners will need to sell their homes for varying reasons. Since the majority of potential buyers prefer homes with eco-friendly, energy-efficient upgrades, a tankless water heater will be an appealing option to these buyers.

The cost of a tankless model may seem expensive, but it will add tremendous value to your home. Due to their energy efficiency, appeal of constant hot water, and longer lifespan, tankless water heaters are worthwhile investments.

You will face many repairs and replacements as a homeowner, but they do not have to be expensive, stressful tasks. For water heater repair in Longview TX or a tankless replacement, contact Bird Dog Plumbing at 903-225-2272.

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