Water Heater Repair Longview TX: Troubleshooting Your Electric Water Heater

water heater repair longview tx | Longview, TXNothing is more frustrating than turning on the water for a hot shower and finding out that there is no hot water.  The water heater is one of the appliances that you take for granted until it stops working.   The reason you can take it for granted is that most electric water heaters are built well and last many years.  But even the most well-built water heater can break down in many ways.  Before you call water heater repair Longview TX, check out these common electric water heater problems:

No hot water.  The most obvious solution to this problem is to check your circuit breakers to see if one is tripped.  After the circuit breakers, the next thing to check is the reset button on the water heater limit switch.  The limit switch will shut your water heater off if something malfunctions.  A faulty thermostat or heating elements can cause your water heater to stop working as well.

Not enough hot water.  The thermostat on your water heater could be the culprit when there isn’t enough hot water.  Loose wiring somewhere in the unit or heating elements that aren’t working correctly are also possibilities.  If you have an older water heater, your plastic dip tube could be disintegrating.  The dip tube carries cold water to the bottom of the tank.

Water takes too long to reheat.  A thermostat adjustment may be needed to solve this problem.  The lower heating element could be bad or there could be sediment in the bottom of the tank.  A technician from  water heater repair Longview TX can test your heating elements and drain your water heater to remove the sediment.

Water gets too hot.  This is probably caused by a thermostat that is either not working properly or that needs to be adjusted to a lower temperature.

Rust-colored water.  Water from your tap could be rust-colored or even black.  Scale build-up on the heating elements is one possibility for this.  The other is a disintegrating anode rod – the anode rod keeps your heater tank from rusting.

Water smells bad.  If a contamination in your city’s water supply is not the problem, you probably have a build-up of bacteria in your water heater.  Flushing the tank or replacing the anode rod may help.

Leaking tank or pressure relief valve.  If water is leaking from the pressure relief valve, that indicates a faulty valve that probably needs to be changed.  A leaking water tank is a big problem and could mean your entire water heater needs to be replaced.

Electric water heaters seem fairly uncomplicated in their operation but repairing one takes the expertise of water heater repair Longview TX technicians.  Not only are water heaters filled with hot water under pressure but they are also connected to 240 volts of electricity that makes it dangerous for do-it-yourselfers to try to repair them.  Our skilled plumbers at Bird Dog Plumbing have the knowledge and the tools to do the job right.  Call today to schedule an appointment. 

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