5 Top Symptoms of Damaged Water Heaters in Longview TX

Water Heaters Longview TXOne of the best conveniences of the modern world is being able to access hot water whenever you want. There was a time when it took a long time to heat water over a wood burning stove. Today, you simply turn the faucet, and you have hot water at any time of the day or night.

Having become so accustomed to easy access to hot water, it can be a real nuisance when your water heater has problems.

There are several vital warning signs that your water heater may need some repair.

Not Enough Hot Water
A telltale sign that your water heater is in disrepair is not having enough hot water. Typical water heaters have a capacity ranging between thirty and fifty gallons. As the water in the tank heats up, the minerals in the water settle as sediment on the bottom. A buildup of minerals can prevent the heat from adequately heating the water. Over time, more and more water in the tank is left unheated. If you are experiencing insufficient amounts of hot water in your home, your water heater may need some repairs.

Banging and popping noises are not typical sounds that come from a water heater. Mineral buildup can also cause these noises. The excess minerals can lead to the overheating which causes the tank to make these sounds. If your hot water tank is making strange noises, have a service professional inspect it.

Foul Smelling Hot Water
Hot water that has a foul smell is a sign of a broken water heater. The minerals in the tank can create a metallic odor which flows through the pipes and faucets. If your hot water has a strange smell, schedule an appointment with a service professional as soon as possible.

Temperature and Pressure Problems
Every water heater has a safety valve built-in that can release excess pressure. If this valve is not working correctly, your water heater could explode. Your temperature and pressure valves should be inspected annually to ensure that they are operating correctly. Be sure to schedule a regular maintenance inspection with a reliable service professional.

Tank Leaks
Leaks coming from your tank are an obvious symptom of more significant problems with your water heater. These leaks can potentially flood your whole house.  If your water heater is leaking, contact your service professional immediately.

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