How to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems

The holidays are coming up fast! We know how fun it can be to have your friends and family over to celebrate the holidays. But this time of year brings plenty of potential plumbing problems along with it! You don’t want a plumbing issue to ruin your Christmas eve, do you? Here are five ways to avoid holiday plumbing problems this year. 

Use the Trashcan

Do your best to throw all leftovers in the trash. Don’t dump them in the sink! You will end up clogging your disposal, making it impossible to clean up when Christmas dinner is over. 

Spread out Shower Time

If you are hosting guests this holiday season, your water heater will have to work extra hard. However, your water heater can still catch up if you wait about 10-15 minutes in between each one.

Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

Always dispose of grease in the trash, put it in a jar, or pour it outside. The oil will build up and harden, causing your drain to clog if you pour it down the sink. This is even more important since you’ll likely be cooking large meals, which means more leftover grease. 

Wait to use the Dishwasher

Avoid using the dishwasher at the same time you run the disposal. What you pour down the drain could back up into the dishwasher if you run these things simultaneously. 

Pre-Holiday Inspection

One of the best ways to avoid holiday plumbing problems is by getting it inspected beforehand. Your plumber can evaluate your systems and repair them if needed before the guests arrive. 

Call Bird Dog Plumbing if you need an inspection or repairs done during the holiday season! We’re prepared to help you make the holidays a fun, and loving time of year with minimal issues in Longview, TX.

Happy holidays from Bird Dog Plumbing!