How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Small and  poorly located bathrooms can be painfully difficult to design and use.  Choosing functional and appealing bathroom features in a small space is vital. Here at Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview, TX, we have over 15 years of experience.

At times, restrictive building codes and guidelines can derail your plans. Despite the challenges, installing a small bathroom, when needed, is a great investment. The following renovation tips will help you bypass frustrating roadblocks and challenges along the way.

  • Install a corner or trough sink. This will ease the flow of traffic in and out.
  • Choose to install a shower curtain. This will help to save what space you have to use inside the bathroom.
  • Mount the vanity. This will help the bathroom appear larger and free up floor space.
  • Use large scale patterns. These patterns make the bathroom look large and spacious.
  • Skip the shower door. Consider installing a shower curtain or a glass panel to free up space.
  • Expand the mirror. Having a large mirror creates space for more than one person.
  • Mount the towel bar. Install a towel bar on the wall or glass shower panel.
  • Install a vanity with storage shelves. Vanity storage helps the bathroom stay neat and tidy.

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