Spring Plumbing Problems

Winter is a tough time for plumbing, but spring can be just as bad in Longview, TX with its unpredictable weather. You should be aware of the issues that could occur during springtime, so the Bird Dog plumbers in Longview, TX have created this list. Here are a few of the most common plumbing problems that occur during spring in Longview, Texas.

Clogged Outdoor Drains

Ideally, you would have cleaned out your gutters in or before the winter before storms hit. If you didn’t, any rain or storms that came would pack the debris tighter in your gutters. This debris causes the drains to clog and prevents the system from draining rainwater properly. Water then runs into areas where it shouldn’t, such as under the siding of your house. Some clogs are so bad a professional will need to help clear them. 

Leaking Pipes

Burst pipes might seem like it’s a winter-only problem when pipes freeze and break, but don’t be fooled. When pipe material shrinks in the winter, it can crack but not leak. Ice might fill the cracks, but then spring comes around, the water leaks, and you find water where it shouldn’t be. If you find leaks as the weather gets warmer, be sure to call Bird Dog Plumbing.

Clogged Indoor Drains

Holiday parties, hot showers, and family meals have caused your plumbing to put more effort in the past few months. This constant use leads to a build-up of scraps, grease, debris, and hair, causing clogs and slow drainage in the spring. Be sure to snake the drains or call a professional like Bird Dog Plumbing to clear your system before spring starts. 

Line Obstructions

Spring is rolling in, so most plants are going to start expanding their root systems. The roots of those plants split water main and sewer lines. Some issues you may see if obstructions are a problem are low water pressure and slow drainage. 

Sump Pump Malfunctions

You’ve likely neglected your sump pump the past few months if you have one because water could be frozen. However, as the water melts with warmer temperatures, you will need a reliable sump pump. Ensure yours is working properly before spring begins and that it has not sustained any damage during the cold months.

Spring can be an amazing time of year, so don’t let plumbing problems ruin it! If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, it’s time for Bird Dog Plumbing to swing by. If you’re in the Longview, TX area, call us today!