How to Avoid Inviting a Plumber for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving plumbing problems in Longview, TX

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope all of our customers have a fantastic Thanksgiving with their families! All the food that usually ends up going down the drain cause lots of plumbing issues that can ruin your holiday. Luckily, Bird Dog Plumbing is here to ensure that your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch! Here are a few tips to help prevent any Thanksgiving plumbing problems that would lead to you inviting a Longview, TX plumber over for Thanksgiving!

Common Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems


Leftovers down the drain are a no-go! With all of the guests you will have over, there’s bound to be extra leftovers. Keep all of those leftovers from going down the drain; otherwise, you are sure to get a clog. It is better to discard them in the trash or compost. If you still choose to put them down your drain, feed them in gradually. One thing you absolutely should NEVER put down the drain is cooking oils and fat. These will sit in the drain, solidify, and lead to a blockage. It would be best to use a paper towel to wipe away the oils and fats before cleaning the pan in the sink. 

Use the Disposal Effectively

Before you start washing food off your dishes, turn on the water and the disposal. This allows a constant stream of water to run through the sink. The water will prevent food from getting stuck in the disposal and rinses it as you wash your dishes. Keep the water running a little while after you turn off the disposal as well to avoid food sitting where it’s not supposed to.

Wait to shower

If you are housing guests this holiday, ask them to wait 10 minutes between each shower. Hair often gets stuck in the drain, and this helps the hair move through the drawing system without more taking its place. The best way to keep hair from piling up and clogging the system is a drain strainer. It will keep most of the hair from even getting in the drain. 

Don’t DIY it

Thanksgiving is not the time to try your hand at plumbing! With lots of guests and many things happening, you don’t need to make a plumbing problem worse too. Your best bet if you happen to have a problem is to call an expert. The Bird Dog Plumbing experts in Longview, TX are here to make sure your holiday gatherings go off without a hitch! We want your holidays to be fun and stress-free. So call us if you encounter a problem this holiday season.