3 Tips for Preventing Freezing Pipes and Needing Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation Longview TXFrozen pipes decrease your water supply, cause expensive leaks, and can even lead to an entirely new water heater installation in severe cases. Since the winter season is approaching quickly, you will need to learn how to prevent these plumbing problems. Here are a few ways to protect your plumbing from the freezing temperatures that can lead to costly leaks and repairs.

Heat Your Home

You may think that heating your home is only necessary for your family’s comfort, but ensuring your home remains warm is also important for your plumbing lines as temperatures begin to drop.

Heating your home, even when you are not there, will reduce the risk of frozen pipes. Of course, you do not need to run the heat at the highest temperatures possible. For the best protection without going overboard, make sure to set your thermostat to at least 50 degrees or higher.

Let Faucets Drip

Water will build up in your faucets over time. In the spring, summer, and fall, when temperatures are warmer, this build-up creates pressure that does not pose many issues. However, in the winter when temperatures are lower, the water in your pipes may freeze, causing enormous pressure that can lead to pipes bursting.

Frozen pipes and bursting pipes will cause you to experience water leaks in faucets, pipes, and your water heater. This pressure can also cause your water heater to rupture, increasing the risk of water damage on the floors and walls of your home. In most instances, this requires extensive cleanup of the water damage and a new water heater installation.

Allowing your faucets to drip slightly when temperatures are at and below freezing temperatures will prevent pressure and frozen pipes.

Insulate Pipes

There are many ways you can insulate your plumbing lines. To get started, invest in a few rolls of electrical heating tape. Wrap exposed, easily-accessible pipes with this tape before the winter season arrives.

In other areas of your home where pipes are more challenging to reach, such as in the basement or attic, invest in a foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to cover these pipes. Or, consider having the walls and doors in these areas insulated with spray foam or traditional batt insulation.

Adding insulation may require some time and energy, but it will be a worthwhile investment for protecting your home and plumbing lines.

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