4 Signs It’s Time to Start Researching New Water Heaters

Water Heaters Longview TXBathing, washing dishes and doing laundry are all important tasks in your household, but you may not understand how water heaters are essential for your home and family. This imperative appliance is not intended to last forever, so there will most likely come a time when you need to purchase and install a new one. If you are noticing one or more of the following signs, it may be time to replace your water heater.

Older Age

It is important to learn when your water heater was installed before you can determine if it is approaching time to replace it. Of course, each type of water heater has its own expected lifespan.

If you have a traditional water heater with a tank, you can expect a lifespan of around 10 years. Tankless water heaters are capable of lasting up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

If your water heater is approaching the 10- to 20-year mark, it is most likely time to consider a replacement, especially if you are noticing other issues.

Loud Noises/Rusty Water

All appliances will make sounds from time to time and your water heater is no exception. However, if you are noticing loud, rumbling noises, there may be a serious issue that should be addressed.

Over time, dirt and sediment will build up inside the tank. As the water heats, the sediment will harden, eventually corroding the tank and plumbing lines. Without draining and flushing out the tank and water lines, this sediment can cause the tank to crack, leaking water all over your home’s flooring and walls.

The sediment and corrosion can also cause water to appear rusty in color. Rusty water can stain your sinks, tubs, clothes and dishes, but it can also be dangerous to consume.

Flushing out sediment that has been in a tank for many years is difficult, so investing in a new water heater may be the smartest solution.

Water Leaks

Lastly, drops or puddles of water around your water heater are a sure sign you need a replacement.

This moisture is most likely caused by small cracks that stem from the heat expanding the tank. Over time, these small leaks can add up, causing serious water damage that is expensive to repair. In addition, even a small amount of water can increase the risk of mold growth, which is hazardous to you and your family’s health.

Your water heater is an imperative part of your home’s function and family’s needs. For help researching and installing water heaters in your home, contact Bird Dog Plumbing in the Longview, TX, area at (903) 225-2272.

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