5 Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Home


As a responsible homeowner, its important to understand the potential signs of a gas leak. More than 60 million homes have natural gas. Although it may be the cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel, there are real dangers associated with a potential leak. A gas leak in your home can cause serious health hazards and costly repairs.


The following 5 signs are the most common indications of a gas leak:

#1 – Shrubs and Grass Suddenly Turn Brown
If gas leaks out of a pipe, the carbon monoxide replaces oxygen grass needs to survive.

# 2 – Odor
The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs may indicate a potential leak in the home.

#3 – Dead Houseplants
Brown or decaying houseplants may indicate a gas leak in the home.

# 4 – Orange or Yellow Flames
Normally the flames coming from the stove should be blue, not yellow or orange.

#5 – Physical Symptoms
Exposure to potential gas poisoning can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and difficulty breathing.


If you do suspect a gas leak, DO NOT use any appliances or try to repair it yourself. DO NOT light a flame or wait in your home for assistance. This could end up saving your life.

For professional help, contact Bird Dog Plumbing today. We provide professional gas leak detection and repair in Longview, TX and all surrounding North Texas communities, including Gladewater, Hallsville and Kilgore. Be safe out there!