8 Tips for Buying a New Toilet

The bathroom toilet is one of the most important items in the home. It’s imperative your toilet is functional, cost-effective, and fitting, among other things. Purchasing a new one is not always as simple and stress-free as it seems. In fact, it can be a complicated process with a range of different variables to consider. 

To find the best and most suitable toilet for you and your family. Consider the following rules of thumb. 

1. Compare flush ratings. Compare “flush performance” across different models and brands to ensure efficiency.
2. Search for rebates on high-efficiency models. Special rebates can significantly reduce water consumption and annual costs out of your pocket.
3. Invest in a pressure assist toilet.  If a clean bowl and reduced water consumption are a priority, this is something to consider.
4. Make cleaning easier with a wall-hung toilet. This means fewer nooks and crannies to clean.
5. Consider height. Remember a higher bowl can be more comfortable for tall people, but harder for kids and shorter people to use.
6. Measure before you buy.  Measure the rough-in or distance from the hold-down bolts to the wall. This will determine what model and size of toilets are best suited for your home.
7. Beware of bigger bowls. Take account of the extra 2 inches on elongated bowls. A slightly bigger bowl can present possible issues when opening and closing drawers or doors.
8. Conserve water with a dual flush toilet. A dual flush toilet uses about 25% less water but is usually more expensive and limited when it comes to style and color. 

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