Clogged Drain Longview TX: What’s Clogging Your Drains

Clogged Drain Longview TXAnyone who lives in a house with indoor plumbing has experienced the joy of a clogged drain Longview TX.  The problem isn’t just that water stops going down the drain, it’s that everything you were trying to wash down the drain with the water backs up into your house and onto your floors.  The best thing you can do to solve the problem of clogged drains is to avoid getting them in the first place — and you can do that by identifying the most common causes of drain blockages.

Clogged Drain Longview TX:  Foreign Objects
Foreign objects are things that end up in the toilet that aren’t supposed to end up in the toilet, like cat litter, baby wipes, paper towels and feminine hygiene products.  If you have children in your home, examples of foreign objects that shouldn’t end up in the toilet are infinite.  Children flush anything and everything, including toys, keys, pet food, human food, cell phones and much more.  Talk to everyone who uses the toilets in your home so they know the rules about what flushes and what doesn’t flush and consider getting childproof toilet lid locks to thwart the really young children in your home.

Plumbers Longview TX:  Hair
If your household is full of people with long hair, you probably wash large chunks of hair down the drain — in the sink or the tub — and you’ve probably spent many fun-filled evenings pulling wads of hair mixed with shampoo, soap and saliva out of the drain of a sink or tub that has standing water in it.  In addition to not letting hair flow freely into the drains, consider installing a plastic hair catcher in your tub drain and try to resist the temptation to use caustic drain cleaners, as these can be damaging to your pipes.

Clogged Drain Longview TX:  Grease and Fat
When you’re cooking, you often don’t think about the food remnants or cooking residue you’re pouring down the sink.  That’s because, for the most part, everything pushes out of your pipes pretty effectively, even the items that probably shouldn’t be there in the first place.  Used grease and fat, even in their liquid states, should never be washed down your kitchen sink drain.  Though you may think that flushing with hot water makes everything alright, at some point in your pipes, liquid grease and fat solidify into a plug that can’t be removed without professional help.  Even if it’s a little messier and more inconvenient, always put used grease and fat into your kitchen trash bag instead of down the drain.

Plumber Longview TX:  Broken Pipes
Underground pipes can break and cause a blockage.  The main reason pipes break is that they were poorly installed, they’re old, or they’ve been compromised by tree roots.  In fact, tree roots are the most common cause of underground pipe damage because trees are attracted to the nearest source of water even if it’s inside your pipes.  As a homeowner, there really isn’t a lot you can do to avoid these kinds of blockages apart from not planting trees close to your home, but you can get the help of a professional plumber who can find the source of your blocked pipes and clogged drains and get them fixed quickly.

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