Clogged Restaurant Drain Longview TX: Stop Your Drain Clogs Before They Start

clogged restaurant drain longview tx | Longview, TXNo matter what kind of restaurant you own, you run the risk of a clogged restaurant drain Longview TX.  The fat, oil and grease (or FOG) you use to prepare food ends up in your drain system and since these go into the drain hot but cool off in the system, they will inevitably form a clog.  What are the hazards of clogged drains?

▪  Employees slipping and falling on tile kitchen floors covered in backed-up grease.

▪  Kitchens partially shutting down while clogs are cleared.

▪  Odors coming from clogged drains and an increase in drain pest activity turning customers away.

▪  Increasing city FOG fines and charges.

So how can you keep from having a clogged restaurant drain Longview TX?

▪  Instruct your employees in the proper handling of grease including grease disposal and clog prevention.

▪  Post notices in your restaurant’s kitchen reminding employees not to put excess grease, fats or oils in garbage disposals or down the drain.

▪  Wipe out all pots and pans before putting them in your dishwasher or rinsing them in the sink to insure that all excess grease goes into the trash rather than down the drain.

▪  Set aside a container for collecting hot fat and grease.  When they are cool, dispose of the container in the trash.

▪  Also keep a container with an absorbent material like kitty litter in it for collecting used oil that won’t solidify when cold.  This can be disposed of in the trash.

Need more ways to manage the fat, oil and grease you use to keep it out of the drains?

▪  Emphasize dry clean-up to your employees to minimize the amount of FOG that does go down your drain

  including using paper towels to wipe down surfaces.  Cloth towels will absorb grease that will just end up in the water system when you launder them.

▪  Be conservative with your cooking oil.  Use as little as possible and strain the oil you use so that it can be reused.  Also, look for ways to recycle FOG.  There are many companies that will pay to collect your cooking waste fats and recycle them.

▪  Use as little dish soap as possible.  Dish soap causes grease to emulsify or disperse into water which means it will easily pass through a grease interceptor and then later can clog water pipes.

▪  Keep your grease trap clean.  Regular cleaning as outlined by the manufacturer will keep grease from backing up into your drains.

A clogged restaurant drain Longview TX is not just an inconvenience for the restaurant owner and staff; it is also a public health and environmental hazard.  When your drain clogs and you need professional help right away, call us at Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview.  We are commercial plumbing experts and have years of experience to do the job right every time.  Visit our website at and then call us at 903-225-2272.  We do NOT charge extra for Saturdays and we are proud to be the only plumber in the Longview area that doesn’t!

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