How Does a Plumber’s Snake Work?

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Everyone gets a drain-clog from time to time, and usually, they are not challenging to clear. Typically, you use some Drain-O or a plunger, and it’s okay, but sometimes that isn’t enough! That is where a plumber’s snake comes in.

If you have a terrible drain-clog, a plumber’s snake should be the thing that you try before calling us in! So, what exactly is a plumber’s snake?

What is a Plumber’s Snake?

A plumber’s snake, also known as a drain auger, is a long, slender metal coil with what looks like an uncoiled spring at the end. When uncoiled all the way, a plumber’s snake can be nearly 50 feet in length. It is a tool that you put down the drain to clear a severe blockage. However, there is the risk that a plumber’s snake can damage your pipes. If you misuse it, it can wear down the inside walls of the pipes and even cause leaks. So, knowing how they work is incredibly important.

How Do Plumber’s Snakes Work?

  1. Put on some safety equipment – Make sure you put on some rubber gloves, goggles, and some clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. The gloves and goggles are especially important if you used any sort of chemical drain cleaner before.
  2. Start inserting the plumber’s snake – When you do this, be sure to do it slowly. Inserting the auger end too fast or with too much force can damage the drain and pipes. While you only have to go a few inches into the pipe, it sometimes takes a few tries.
  3. Start Cranking – As you crank the handle, the snake will uncoil and extend deeper down the pipe. Rotate it at a consistent pace. Once you feel like you are hitting something, you have found the obstruction.
  4. Get ready to remove the obstruction – After you feel like you are hitting something, crank the auger a little further so that it either breaks up the clog or grabs ahold of it. However, if you hear scraping sounds, that means that the auger is hitting the pipe. Make sure you readjust if this happens, or you could risk damaging the pipe.
  5. Remove the Snake & Obstruction – At this point, you should have the obstruction either caught in the auger or broken up. Begin cranking the handle the opposite direction to coil the drain snake back up. Usually, this will pull the obstruction out.
  6. Check the Clog – If you have disassembled a part of the drainage system, be sure to put it back together, then check the clog. If the sink, toilet, or tub is not draining, repeat the process. However, snaking your drains too much can damage the pipes. So, after a few times, you should probably call in the experts.

The Experts

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