How To Know When It’s Time For A New Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation Longview TXAt Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview, TX, we know a thing or two about water heaters and water heater installation.  We know that most water heaters work so well for so long that it’s easy to take them for granted – until they stop working.  When your home’s water heater malfunctions, it can impact and interrupt many of the activities you do in your home on a daily basis, like doing laundry, washing dishes and bathing.  So, what are some of the clues you should look for that might mean your water heater is about to disappoint you?

You Have No Hot Water At All
If you’re not getting any hot water out of any tap, check your circuit breakers or fuses first to see if one is tripped or blown.  After that, check the reset button on your water heater limit switch, which will shut your water heater off if there’s a problem.  If you replace a fuse, reset your circuit breaker or limit switch and everything seems to go back to working the way it should – the water is hot and the fuses and breakers don’t blow or trip again – then your system should be all right but if any of the problems recur, it’s time to call us at Bird Dog Plumbing.

The Water Is Too Hot
This is a serious issue because water that is too hot coming out of the faucet can scald or burn.  It can be caused by a thermostat that may not be working properly or was set too high when the water heater was installed.  Call for professional help immediately.

You Don’t Have As Much Hot Water As You Expect
Once again, your water heater’s thermostat may be the problem when you notice that the water turns cold halfway through a shower or when you seem to have to wait forever to get hot water for washing dishes after someone has taken a shower.  The thermostat may need to be adjusted to a higher setting.  One or both of your heating elements could be bad or there could be loose wiring to one of them.

Your Water Looks Rusty Or Smells Funny
Two things inside your water heater can cause your water to look rusty or even black; one is a buildup of scale on the heating elements and another is a disintegrating anode rod.  The purpose of the anode rod is to keep the inside of your water tank from rusting.  When the water smells bad, usually the culprit is your city water supply; but sometimes, it can be caused by a buildup of bacteria inside the water tank.

Your Tank Or Pressure-Relief Valve Is Leaking
A leaking pressure-relief valve is damaged and must be replaced.  A leaking water tank usually means that you’ll need a new water heater installation because it isn’t cost-effective to try to repair a leaking tank.

If you suspect that your water heater has developed a problem that requires a repair or a new water heater installation, call us at Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview, TX at (903) 225-2272.  To find out more about our complete line of plumbing services, visit us online at

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