Why You Need to Quickly Handle a Restaurant Drain Clog Longview TX

It is incredibly important to fix a restaurant drain clog Longview TX as quickly and cleanly as possible. Clogged drains pose a health hazard, and the longer the clogs remain in a restaurant, the more likely it is that the restaurant will suffer some irreparable damage because of the standing water that results from the clog, or that the restaurant will lose business because no customer wants to eat in a place that lacks proper drainage. The problems that come from a clogged drain are varied, but they include contamination as a result of standing water, and customer loss because standing water is a health code violation.

A restaurant drain clog Longview TX means that the water that should be flowing out of the pipes is not able to. Soon enough, the water backs up and completely fills the sink or other retaining basin that the water is supposed to be vacating. This creates a pool of standing water. Standing water is one of the prime breeding grounds for insects and bacteria, two things you don’t want in an establishment where people are supposed to be eating. Insects might take a few days to make use of the standing water as their breeding grounds, thus infesting the restaurant with insects. Bacteria, however, immediately begins making use of the standing water to procreate and contaminate the water and everything it touches.

 Standing water not only creates problems through contamination, but it also causes problems because of the way it smells. Standing water from a restaurant drain clog Longview TX is often in use before people realize that the drain is actually clogged. This means that the standing water is probably full of debris that comes from using the water, including the leftover food products that are so common in restaurants. Those products are then left to sit in the water, rotting away while the water doesn’t drain. The contaminated water, mixed with the rotting food, puts off an odor that will infect everything in the kitchen, and customers will be able to tell.

Cleaning out a drain quickly is so important because of these problems arise when you leave a clog intact and create a pool of standing water. Each of these problems will lead to a decrease in business, and might lead to the health inspector being called. But when you call Bird Dog Plumbing they will come quickly to handle the clog and get your restaurant back on track before the clog damages your business. Even better, Bird Dog Plumbing has no extra service charge for calls out on Saturday, which just increases their speed. Call them at (903) 225-2272 to engage their excellent services.

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