Plumbers In Longview, TX: 4 Warning Signs Of A Toilet Malfunction

Plumbers Longview TXPlumbers in Longview, TX know that no components of your plumbing system work harder than your toilets, and that’s why having a toilet malfunction can be a major disaster.  Thankfully, your toilets will usually give you some subtle — and some not-so-subtle — warnings that you’re about to become way too familiar with the guy handing out the restroom key at the service station down the street.  With the holidays coming and family and friends preparing to descend on your home, you don’t want to be faced with non-working toilets, so if you notice any of these warning signs, call a plumber right away

1 – Call Plumbers in Longview, TX about Toilet Leaks
Leaks anywhere in your plumbing system are a bad thing.  There are a number of reasons you might find water around your toilet.  The most common source of a leak is the supply line from your central plumbing system to your toilet tank.  The line itself can wear out over time; the seals inside the connectors can fail and sometimes the valve itself can leak.  Plumbers in Longview, TX can fix these types of supply line problems pretty quickly; but it may take longer and be a slightly more complicated repair if the toilet bowl or tank are leaking.  Leaks from either of these are likely the result of cracks in the porcelain and will require a complete replacement.

2 – Moans And Whistles
Unusual noises like moans and whistles coming from your toilet could mean one of two things: either your toilet is haunted or you have a faulty ballcock valve.  A damaged or poorly manufactured ballcock valve can sometimes vibrate when the water refills or let out a moan when high water pressure puts stress on it.  While expelling ghosts isn’t something a plumber is equipped to handle, replacing a bad ballcock valve is.

3 – Tank Filling On Its Own
When there’s no one in the bathroom flushing the toilet, but the tank seems to be filling up anyway, a bad or worn-out flapper valve could be the culprit.  If the flapper doesn’t seat properly, water can leak from the tank back into the supply line.  When enough water has run out that the water level in the tank falls to a certain level, the toilet runs and the tank refills.  Not only can this constant, loud toilet refilling be annoying, but it can also cost you money in higher water bills.  A plumber can easily fix this problem.

4 – Slow Flushing
A toilet that flushes slowly has a clog somewhere in the line.  If you’ve noticed that one or more of your toilets are flushing slowly or making strange noises when you flush, try plunging them first.  If plunging doesn’t move the clog, you’ll want the help of professional plumber before the clog turns into a toilet backup that can ruin any holiday fun you’re having.

No matter what your toilet issue is, when you call Bird Dog Plumbing, one of the best plumbers in Longview, TX, you’ll get fast, professional help that will ensure that your home is ready for company.  Call Bird Dog Plumbing at (903) 225-2272 or visit us online at  And remember, at Bird Dog Plumbing, we don’t charge extra for weekend appointments.

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