Plumbers In Longview, TX: Tips For Caring For Your Plumbing System

Plumbers Longview TXThe plumbing system is one of the most important systems in your East Texas home.  Though many people wait until they have a problem with their plumbing, then call one of the many plumbers in Longview, TX for help, it’s always best to prevent problems before they occur.  Here are some things you should keep in mind to help you care for your plumbing system so that you can avoid many major issues:

✓ Try not to use chemical drain cleaners.
Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems you’ll have in your home.  While they may not necessarily lead to any major system breakdowns, they can cost you money when you have to call a plumber to remove them.  For that reason, many people turn to chemical drain cleaners to dissolve clogs.  Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners can damage pipes over the long run.  If your pipes are PVC, the heat produced by the chemical reaction the cleaners create can soften the plastic.  If your pipes are cast iron, the same chemical reactions can cause your pipes to corrode.  Both kinds of pipes can develop leaks over time.

✓ Prevent future clogs.
There are several things you can do to prevent clogs from happening in the first place.  In the bathroom, use drain screens to keep hair from going down the drain; check the drains at least once a month anyway to pull out hair that may have gotten past the screen.  In the kitchen, never pour grease down the drain.  Though grease is liquid when you pour it, it will harden as it settles in your pipes.  Always put used grease into a container to cool and then throw it in the trash.  Also, avoid using your garbage disposal unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Scrape food debris into the trash to avoid problems caused by the peels, skins and other parts of food that may not be adequately ground up in the disposal.

✓ Use a water softener.
Plumbers in Longview, TX can tell you that the first sign you may have of hard water is white buildup on showerheads and faucets.  Hard water is water that contains an excess amount of minerals like magnesium and calcium and is fairly common in East Texas.  The problem with hard water is that it can build up inside pipes constricting the flow of water, which increases pressure on the pipes, and it can corrode joints and fittings, both of which can lead to leaks.  A professional plumber can install a water softener that either uses sodium to counteract the minerals in the water or sends electromagnetic pulses to dissolve mineral deposits.  Which you choose is between you and your plumber.

In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to your plumbing in the winter time.  Disconnect outside hoses and let your faucets drip if a freeze is expected.  If you do experience plumbing problems, call one of the best plumbers in Longview, TX, Bird Dog Plumbing, at (903) 225-2272.  In addition to great weekday service, we also offer Saturday service at no additional charge.  Visit us online at to find out more about us.

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