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plumbers Longview TXDo you find yourself facing too many stopped up drains or standing water that can’t seem to find its way out of your sink? Plumbers in Longview, TX understand your problems. They are not only good at locating the problems and finding solutions but they can share ways to limit their recurrence.

Plumbers in Longview, TX  will agree that clogged and stopped up drains can occur not only on the inside but also the outside of your home. It could very well be that your culprit began to wreak havoc on the outside first and slowly moved into the interior.  Early signs that a clog could be developing should not be ignored. Gurgling sounds and slow drainage are definitely red flags.  Don’t ignore these hints and warning signs. If action is not taken the problem will just escalate and become more expensive to repair.

Let’s take a look on the outside and what might be lurking there. Although the autumn leaves are beautiful they do fall. The wind will often take them to a final resting spot which could be your drain. Check your drains and keep them free from debris. Don’t neglect that outdoor maintenance it could save you a lot of time and money in the future. Unfortunately, one other thing to be on the lookout for is over extending tree roots. Roots will naturally gravitate towards a water source. Consider where you are planting trees for the safety of your pipes.

Inside culprits are sometimes a little more obvious. Lets start with hair. Enemy number one to most bathroom plumbing is hair. Sometimes it may seem like a never ending battle that just never goes away. There are devices to help block the hair from entering the drain, not a bad investment but try also to stay one step ahead of the problem. Remove all the visible hair that you can from both sinks and tubs. Build up of hair is going to block your drains and cause a clog in the pipes.

The kitchen sinks and dishwashers have their own set of problems caused often by grease and fat. Taking the time to wipe off excessive waste before placing them in the sink or dishwasher can be a lifesaver for the pipes. These fatty substances, if washed down the drain, will stick to the pipes.

Rounding out the host of problem makers is the foreign objects possibility. The list is endless. Mothers with small children will tell you that you might be surprised at what can fit in a toilet. Child proof as much as possible and use common sense about what is flushed down the toilet. Just because it seems to be light and a paper product does not necessarily mean it has a right of passage.

Prevention should always be a priority. Sometimes there are no signs at all and that is why regular maintenance and inspection of plumbing is important. If the job is out of your league don’t despair.  Bird Dog Plumbing has the plumbers in Longview, TX who are just waiting for your call, they don’t even charge extra on Saturdays. Keep it flowing and give us a call today at (903)225-2272.


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