Plumbing Services Tips to Lower Hot Water Bills This Summer

Plumbing Services LongviewThere are many ways to save energy during the summer season. One of the quickest and easiest solutions, at no cost to you, is to lower the temperature of the water heater in your home.  Homeowners spend almost twenty percent of home energy usage on heating water. This expense is because the water heater not only heats the water but it keeps the water at a specific setting so that you can have access to hot water whenever you want it.

Since most people are not looking to take hot baths or showers when the weather is warm, there is no need to keep the water heater setting as high as you might during colder months of the year. You can change your water heater settings to reflect your needs during the hot summer months.

The amount of money you can save on your hot water bills will depend on several factors including the type of water heater you own, the size of the tank, and the amount of hot water you and your family use on a typical day. Generally speaking, you can lower your hot water bills by about 5% by reducing your temperature setting ten degrees.

Changing your water heater settings is a relatively simple job. Water heaters come with a temperature dial. To lower the temperature on your heater, turn the dial down. To determine how much you want to reduce the heat, check the hot water from the tap that is furthest away from your heater. Fill a glass with water from the hot water tap. Be sure to give the faucet enough time to run until the water is at its highest temperature level. You can use a thermometer to measure the exact temperature of the water. Based on the temperature level, you can then decide how much you want to lower the setting.

It will take about a full day for the reduction in water temperature to fully adjust. Remember, the heater keeps the tank hot, and the water inside it will already be at the higher temperature. It will take some time for the water in the tank cool to the new temperature.

Bird Dog Plumbing understands that some people feel uncomfortable trying to adjust water heater settings and may need help to get the job done. Whether you are looking to save on your water heating bills, have problems with hot water, or are looking for a brand new water heater, Bird Dog Plumbing is here to help. Call 903-225-2272 to schedule a service appointment today!

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