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Bust Pipes Longview Tx

While pipe burst plumbing issues due to freezing temperatures are not as prevalent in Longview Tx as in more northern areas of the US but they do happen. All you need is a night of unusually cold temperatures and a power outage or furnace problems, and your entire home is in jeopardy.

If the pipes in your home have become frozen, the following tips will help you to solve the problem.

Turn Off Your Water Supply
If you notice that water is no longer running out of your taps as it should and you have a frozen pipe problem, locate your main water supply and shut off the valve. Most homes have a shut-off valve located inside the structure. If your main valve is outside, you’ll need to go out to shut off the supply. It’s a good idea, to ensure that you know the location of your main supply valve before you experience any type of plumbing problem. By shutting off your supply you will be able to reduce the amount of damage that a burst pipe might create.

Turn Up Your Heat
If you still have power and have no furnace issues, turn up the heat level in your home to increase the ambient air temperatures. While this may not solve your frozen pipe problem, it may help in reducing further freezing issues.

Avoid Using Your Water and Toilets
Once your main water supply is shut off, it will be difficult for you and your family to access the water in your plumbing. Don’t attempt to turn on the water and refrain from using your toilets until a professional can evaluate your plumbing problem.

Get Professional Help
Many homeowners attempt to defrost their pipes with hot water or a hairdryer. While this may seem like a sound solution, you could be making your situation worse. Thawing your pipes too quickly can lead to a burst in your plumbing system. A professional plumber will have the necessary equipment to properly thaw your pipes to avoid damage from a burst pipe.

If your pipes have become frozen, you can protect your home and reduce the potential for damage caused by a burst pipe by remaining calm and getting help fast. It’s important to call a reliable and knowledgeable 24/7 emergency plumbing service to have a professional evaluate your issue and solve the problem. Experienced plumbing technicians will have the expertise and equipment to quickly and properly solve your frozen pipe problems any time of the day or night.

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