The Advantages of Having a Laundry Room Sink

s a homeowner, it’s common to assess the value and utility of different features within your home. The bulk of homes include or accommodate installing features like washers, dryers, bathtubs, and showers. When it comes to the laundry room, however, the advantage of installing a utility sink depends on your personal preferences and particular situation.

At Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview, TX, we’ve seen all kinds. For some people, installing a utility sink in the laundry room is a no-brainer. However, many others are unaware of the potential benefits that adding a utility sink can offer.  

If you plan to renovate or upgrade the laundry room in your Longview, TX home, consider the following advantages of adding a utility sink before you begin the project. 

Trapping Lint and Hair. The ability to drain your washing machine directly into the laundry room sink helps to filter out hair, fabric, and lint. Laundry sinks may be equipped with wide sink strainers which are designed to catch hair and lint that otherwise accumulate in the sewer line, potentially creating flow issues. If adding a laundry sink to your home in Longview, a professional plumber can advise on whether a wide sink strainer is recommended for your system.

Pre-soaking & Hand-Washing. A laundry room sink affords a space to soak particularly stained or dirty clothes that require special attention and care. It additionally provides a convenient location to hand-wash delicate clothing items. Using buckets of water, small sinks, or bathtubs can be a painfully time-consuming alternative compared to a utility sink.

Washing Pets. Many pet owners know that bathing their pets in the bathtub can be a difficult and messy task. Washing your pet in the bathroom often requires not only cleaning your pet but the bathroom area as a whole. The difference with a laundry room sink is it doesn’t need to be spotless all the time. It can quickly be wiped down and cleaned when needed. 

Houseplant Care. Houseplants often require frequent watering and cleaning, the same way they would outdoors. The laundry room sink is an ideal space to temporarily store, water, and care for your indoor plants. In a utility sink, you don’t need to worry about plant debris or dirt, like you would when using the bathtub to water plants. 

DIY projects. At-home art and DIY projects like dying or bleaching clothes can be unpredictably messy and damaging. Even hair dye can leave stains and marks on the sink, shower, or bath fixtures. Using the laundry room sink for these activities is the best way to avoid unwanted stains and damage. 

A laundry room sink can be an extremely valuable addition to any home, as long as it’s put to good use.  Having a dedicated space to clean anything from dirty shoes to household items to sports gear to BBQ equipment is extremely handy. For more information on installing a laundry room sink or utility room renovation, contact Bird Dog Plumbing in Longview, TX today!